API for Developers

If u own a music website / blog and want to offer your visitors the fastest YouTube to mp3 converter, we provide 3 API types for you:
  • Simple Download Button
  • Search Box Widget
  • Instant Conversion Call API
There is no limit for the API calls, you can use as many as you need. Let's take a brief look on how they work.

Simple Download Button

  • Customizable with button color and size options
  • Trigger the download by single click
  • Easy to embed to your site, only video id is enough
Here is an example!

How to embed Simple Download Button

  1. Copy the API code below, and paste it to your website script where you want the download link to appear.
  2. Replace the {{{VIDEO_ID}}} part with a YouTube video ID.

You can use different color and size options by editing the color and size parameters.
color options:
  • blue
  • green
  • red
  • orange
  • lightblue
  • white
size options:
  • xsmall
  • small
  • medium
  • large
If you edit the size, you may also need to play with iframe width and height style code accordingly.

You can match the background color of the button with your website's background color by editing the bgcolor parameter.
You should only use the hex value without the '#' sign. Check the default bgcolor parameter entered at the code.

Search Box Widget

  • Your website / blog visitors can enter a YouTube url or mp3 title at this search box and directly convert the video to mp3.
  • When a query is posted, it opens a new window, so you won't lose the visitor from your own page.
  • This widget is fully responsive, it auto arranges the width of the search box according to the visitor device type.
  • Supports all YouTube url types, short video id and also music title search!
Try a youtube url or a title search below and see how it works!

How to use Search Box Widget

It's very simple and no programming skills needed. Grab the code below and paste it on your web page.
You can customize the size of the widget if you like. For example, if you need the search box to auto expand all the way long at the parent element, just change the 'max-width' attribute value from 470px to 100%. You can also use custom 'max-width' values according to your needs.


Instant Conversion Call API

  • This API call returns a download link and track information such as;
    • thumbnail
    • track name
    • release date
    • file size
    • track duration
  • Download button triggers a direct download for your visitors, so visitor don't need to navigate away from your page.
  • Video url or Video ID parameter needs to be added to the API code. Search term does not work for this API.
  • It works with all YouTube url types such as shortened url's, mobile url's etc.
  • This API converts the video to mp3 instantly! There is no loading animation or waiting time. Take a look at the example below. Click on regular download to test it:

How to use Instant Conversion Call API

You need to enter the parameter name 'apiEntry' to the API code.
To enter the parameter,
  1. copy the API code below, and paste it to your website script where you want the download link to appear.
  2. find and replace the {{{VIDEO_URL_OR_VIDEO_ID}}} part with a YouTube url or YouTube video ID. You can do this manually for a single page, or you may use php scripts to dynamically generate the API call for multiple dynamic pages of your website.

You can also add a music player to your widget

You need to enter the parameter name 'player=1' to the API call code. This parameter enables the responsive mp3 player at your widget.
Take a look at the example below.
CODE with player enabled:

Some example API call url's that is used in iframe:


Youtube-mp3.club API Basics

  • Take one of the responsive API codes
  • No limit with API usage
  • Instant conversion supported
  • Minimal coding skills needed
  • No popups at widget, only a single link unit

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